November 21st, 2014  •  Rewards

Ahoy Vapers,

We've made some exciting changes to our rewards program. Check it out!

  • 50 Points:
  • Buy one get one free house juice
  • Free 10 pack of Kratom

  • 100 Points:
  • Free 30ml house liquid
  • Free 20 pack of Kratom
  • 20% off premium liquid

  • 150 Points:
  • Free 15ml premium liquid
  • Free 30ml & 10ml house liquid

  • 200 Points:
  • 2 free 30ml house liquid
  • Free 30ml premium liquid
  • Free 50 pack of kratom

  • 250 Points:
  • $25 store credit

  • 500 Points:
  • $60 store credit

  • 1000 Points:
  • $150 store credit

  • If you aren't already signed up, now is a great time to get signed up! It's free and only takes a few seconds. Come by and let us know if you're interested.

    We had many requests for additional rewards for things like Kratom, Premium juice, and the folks that save up lots of points- and we are happy to oblige! This is just one of many of the changes that we've made since we opened in an effort to accomodate the growing market of vapers. We've also introduced a couple of new premium juices recently - Midtown's 'Strawberry Shinigami,' and 1090's 'Skare Krow.' Stop by and try them out next time you're around, they've been quite the popular additions!

    Stay warm out there!

    October 29th 2014  •  Box Mods

    Hey, Vapers!

    Just a quick update to make sure the word gets out: We've got some awesome new mechandise in! If you're interested in some great, high-powered box mods, it's a great time to be a Centennial Vapor customer! We've got the 30-watt CANA MODZ box going for the low price of 79.95. We're also rolling out the new Cloupor 100-watt T6 box mod- a new, awesome, 26650 device that will have you chucking huge clouds!

    We've recently added a very popular item to the store: Called the Aquamizer, it is an intricate, sturdy glass piece that fits on to your vape battery, enabling you to take water-cooled, clean burning dabs! This is a great item for any THC user that wants the best bang for their buck! And, for just $69.95, you've got to see it to believe it.

    Finally, the impressive "Rooster Box" mod is here! We've got matte black, limited edition, serialized devices with 2x 18650 MXJO batteries included for $159.95! Don't miss out on these unique, awesome devices!

    October 22nd 2014  •  Artistic Additions

    Hey, Vapers! We're super stoked about this announcement: we've finally completed decking out our interior walls with some incredible art pieces!

    We'd like to give a big thank you to Matt Achziger and Gaia Alari for contributing the current art adorning our walls.

    All of the art is for sale and very easy to purchase in the shop. All of the money collected is given to the artist, except a small amount used by the shop to reprint the piece. If you're a local artist and think your art would be a good fit for us, contact us so we can check it out!

    We're very excited about keeping the shop looking interesting and adding lots of eye candy as time goes on. This year, a couple of loyal CV patrons, Keith and Patricia, helped us decorate for the Halloween season. A big thank-you goes out to them from all of us, and all of the many customers that commented on how great it looks! Thanks, guys! It already feels like a second home for all of us here.

    Finally, I wanted to briefly mention that if you place an order with us on our online shop now through Thanksgiving, you will recieve a coupon towards your next purchase online! We just wanted to share a small token of our gratitude for your continued patronage as we grow; it's you that makes the difference for us!

    October 14th 2014  •  Technical Issues

    Hey, Vapers! Just a quick post to touch on some of the website issues you may have encountered recently.

    A sister site using the same webhost as us suffered a minor hijacking: our servers were repourposed to send out a bunch of spammy emails. The infection was enough that we decided to scrap everything on the server and restore backup. All of that technical jargon aside, it's important to know that CENTENNIALVAPOR.COM was not directly affected, and there was no sort of security breach. All of our customer's info was and will continue to be safe - encrypted with 128 bit SSL (or in other words, it's virtually impossible for an intruder to decipher).

    As a result of all of that, CENTENNIALVAPOR.COM and the hijacked site were temporarily shut down to prevent further damage/spam, while I mopped up the damage. Since we are still in the process of restoring everything, the website might have a few potholes here and there for the next few days. The online shop is going to take a little more time to get up and running again, so we appreciate your patience during the process. Things should be back up and running by this weekend at the very latest.

    Thanks again for your patience and understanding!

    October 2nd 2014  •  Getting Colder

    The temperatures have started dropping, enthusiastic storms have started appearing, and occasionally when twilight hits you might catch the scent of a chimney burning in the distance. Yes, it's October! The month marking the changing of the seasons, memories of gorging ourselves on candy (if only from last year) and having the jacket ready for the brisk nights ahead. We plan on a few fun things this month that will help make it a great time to be a vaper!

    To start things off, we're rolling out some new flavors for our house E-Liquids, including the fabled Pumpkin Spice! Yes, that's right! If the seasonal tradition of adding pumpkin spice to everything has stil left you wanting more, stop by and try a bottle! If you're good on the pumpkin spice, don't overlook some of our new flavors: Love Nectar, ChocoMint Ice Cream, and Peach Dream have been gaining a lot of popularity with the folks around here! Try them out today!

    We've had a new addition to the CV family - Austin! We're really excited to add a smart, experienced vaper to the team to help out and uphold our reputation for having exceptional customer service. If you see him around, make sure to say hey!

    We also recently added some new hardware to our inventory, including the Kanger EMOW and GENI series clearomizer tanks. These are all dual coil devices, and our initial impressions have been very good with these new products. It really shows how far technology has come - even in the past few years of vaping being more popularized.

    And last but not least: On halloween day, we'll be having a special where if you show up with a costume, you will get a free 10ml bottle of e-juice! Make sure to stop by before you head out with your spooky/awesome/funny costume and grab a bottle for your night out!

    September 24th 2014  •  Our first blog post!

    Since this is our very first blog post, we feel like it's important to get a few things out of the way first:

    Before all else, we wanted to say Thank You!! Your support and feedback have been amazing, and the biggest part of how far we've come. You- telling your friends - bringing in your loved ones - taking a chance on a new store - you are amazing. It gives us great pleasure to see people's reaction to a newly found favorite flavor, an unexpectedly great deal, or a surprise bottle of free juice. We love helping people that have smoked most of their lives out of the seemingly inescapable habit they've given up on quitting. We love our clientele and you all are the reason we're here. Thank you for your patronage and dedication.

    Also, for those of you discovering us for the first time - Welcome! We pride ourselves on being South Denver's premiere vape shop - offering competitively-priced, quality merchandise and juice. If you're 'new' to vaping and want something simple and affordable to get started - look no further than our starter kits! For those of you that are upgrading or just want something with a little more features, we offer batteries for your e-cig that have variable voltages, pass-thru, or just a longer life. We have some excellent clearomizers for those looking to upgrade: Kanger's line-up of Protanks, Aerotanks, and EVOD series tanks- as well as the Aspire Nautilus and Nautilus Mini. We stay supplied on coils (wicks). If you need any accessories, we have many you might never have thought of! Does your EVOD or EGO vape pen keep rolling off of your desk? Try out our battery stands! If nothing else, check out our awesome Drip Tip selection for a cheap and simple way to customize your device!

    For our advanced/enthusiast vapers, or those looking to explore the vape endgame, we offer mods and RDAs. Also known as Atomizers, Attys, RBAs, or simply 'Drippers', these devices produce unparalleled amounts of vapor, but require more maintenance than your traditional vapes/clearomizers. If you're ever in need of the materials for rebuilding coils, stop by and stock up on Kanthal wire, Cotton, Rayon, Ohm-Readers, or tools! We carry everything you might need for rebuilding and maintaining your awesome setup. Battery mods are constantly evolving and updating - and we are, too, along with them! Come see the newest mods, from regulated to non-regulated, and choose the right build for you - be it with a larger more powerful 18650 or 26650 mod, or a smaller, more compact 18350 arrangement.

    Since one of the biggest facets to vaping is the E-Liquid (also known as juice, oil, or just liquid) we wanted to really get in and make some special flavors from the ground up. With the steep rise in the popularity of the electronic cigarette industry in such a small amount of time, we've seen a noteworthy influx of small e-liquid makers pop up. There's an overwhelming number to chose from- and sometimes it can be hard to find a consistently good provider. This is where we set out to excel in particular since we have started. Making each bottle by hand and having flavors that we love, to share with our customers, friends, and family. We put in a lot of effort to stay up to date with any medical knowledge encountered by the scientific community with this new product. There are many things that are very well known to not be safe to vape, and we never ever use any of those ingredients.

    We will always only use 100% USA made PG/VG, Nicotine, and Flavoring. We think you will notice and enjoy the difference in quality our juice has to offer over some of the ‘gas station’ and ‘mom-and-pop’ type liquids out there. Having said all of that, we aren’t the only ones with high standards for juice and we know that- we’ve experienced many other brands and loved many different kinds ourselves. We’re extremely proud to carry some of these other, premium juices to sell to you. You might be familiar with Merkury, Ruthless, Midtown, or our newest, Breaking Habits lines, as they are available in various locations. We think you’ll agree that they are some of the most unique, complex, and amazing flavors you’ll ever taste.

    At the sake of sounding like a broken record, I have to say one more time: Thank you all so very much. We will continue to be there for you just like you have been us.